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By focusing on my Austin Blues
I set myself up to lose
Perspective on my circumstance
And therefore give up every chance

Of seeing beauty in this place
How can I when I won't embrace
Change, the new, another page
In my life - instead I rage

And rant and say it isn't fair
Austin can't win when I compare
My romanticized memories of Cary
My former love, it's adversary

And I too am doomed to lose
As moments pass and still I choose
To resist reality and change
And set up house on Memory Lane

There is no one that I can blame
For this self-inflicted pain
I'm meant to live within the present
Not to be filled with resentment

Easy words to say, it's true
But changing my gloomy view
And seeing Austin in a rosy hue
Is not an easy thing to do

And with that said, my last blue note
I vow, from now, I will devote
Myself to granting a fair shake
To Austin - I've wiped clean the slate

Comparisons are now aside
I'll view this city with new eyes
And see the beauty that's within
My current town, my home, Austin


I'm Sorry

I'm sorry

All I have are inadequate words
Robed in good intentions
Tongue-tied sash

I wish
That I could offer you
Words of wisdom and hope

Sunbeams through the cloud cover
A lightning bug in the fog

Lazy afternoon
Lying on my parents' bed
Examining their quilt
For the umpteenth time

My mother patiently explaining
Each patch that she sewed
By hand
Knotting the corners

Old party dresses she wore
Ties she made for my father
Playsuits for my brother
Dresses for myself
Doll blankets and bonnets

Every pattern has a story
To tell
Each is a leftover remnant
From our lives

With needle and thread
My mother painstakingly
Arranged our family album
Our scrapbook
Our lives
In small even squares

So we could spend
Lazy afternoons
Sprawled across her bed

Listening to the stories
That my mother patiently tells
For the umpteenth time

I am a social
Trying to find
And rules
Amid the chaos
Of Human
Every conversation
Is an observation
And every forging
Of a friendship
Is an experiment
My hypothesis?
Sometimes hopeful
Sometimes not
Trying to prove
Or disprove
The existence
Or non-existence
Of the ever elusive

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