It's the month of Halloween, so I'll be posting Spooky Simile Poems every Wednesday for the rest of the month. They are similar to Mystery Metaphor Poems in that the reader guesses the subject of the poem.

Good luck!

Like a grumpy, old man
Sitting on the front porch
Resting his chin on the rail
Scaring away trick-or-treaters
With his fixed stare
And his flickering grin

What is it? Can you guess the subject of this poem? The answer is below, written backwards.


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soaring bird

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I am the music
And you are the words


I am the melody
You are the chords


And together, we make a song
Together, we make a beautiful song


I gave you a note
And you made it a line


I gave you a phrase
And you made it a rhyme


And soon we were reading each other's minds
And we had a song
The most beautiful song


All of my life
I had mantras
When I wanted to dance
To cantatas


All of my life
I felt all alone
Until I saw your words
And made them this song


All of our lives
We knew something was wrong
We were living life
With just half a song

Then I met you
Then I knew
That together, we were a song
Together, we were the most beautiful song

And we'll sing our song through our lives
We will sing this song all our lives

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