In an earlier post, I showed pictures of the magnificent hummingbirds we saw at The Alamo on our trip to San Antonio.

Today, I had a chance to edit the video footage. Here's a movie of the hummingbirds we saw: Hummingbirds at the Alamo.

Parents are so
Obtuse and old-fashioned!
Makes kids
Leave home to travel anymore.
Journey on the
Highway - where there are
Great views
From an
Easy chair - and no fears of traveler's
Diarrhea, sometimes
Actual travel.

Black is
Pain, Fear

And yet it allows us to see the stars

White is
Light, Clear

And yet it blinds us with its brilliance

Grey is
Neither dark nor light
Dawn, dusk

And yet it leads us to understanding

A party date
Balloons inflate
Cook a cake
Eager state
Friends wait
Greet with great Surprise!

I'm trying to study. I really am.
I must do well on my next exam.

But what is that dripping and dropping and plinking?
It really is affecting my thinking!

And what is that buzzing and humming and drone?
Those sounds are really making me moan!

And what is that ticking and tocking and gonging?
For some silence, I really am longing!

And what is that crunching and munching and slurping?
I think it's the dog. Oh no! Now, he's burping!

Everyone quiet! Not one more sound!
How can I study with this noise all around!, it's too silent without even one peep.
It's too quiet for thinking. I think maybe I'll sleep.

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