I just added more Greeting Graphics - especially to the category "Missing You."


Note: You may have to reload the page to see the new Greeting Graphics.

I've enjoyed receiving graphics on my web 2.0 accounts (especially Orkut) for some time now, and I wanted to give meaningful graphics in return.

This gave me an idea: why not make a few of my own?

hello there

Once I began, I felt inspired to make more. :-)


You can see and share my Greeting Graphics on the Don't Drink Bees website.


I'll try to add a few each week. For now, the most populated categories are Hello, Get Well, and Wishes / Inspirational.

As other categories are populated, I'll post announcements.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them! :-)

I've been working on a blog on Blogspot off and on since April of last year, called Don't Drink Bees Educational Ideas. It's located at: http://ddbees.blogspot.com/.

On this blog, I'm posting activity and lesson ideas for middle school language arts classrooms. As well as resources and ideas and anecdotes about my experiences teaching.

My latest posts have been ideas for teaching poetry.


Blue is
A blank slate

It's opportunity
It's possibilities
It's infinite choices
A clear path across the sky

Blue is
No right answers
No guiding stars
A solitary journey
With no horizon in view

It's freedom
It's facing your fears
It's embracing the unknown
Taking a leap or a plunge

Blue is uncertainty
Blue is courage

See my other metaphor poems:


Night Magic

Wisps of clouds
On my dancing shoes

As I make my way home
To a soft bed
Led by the light of fireflies

I dream of a boy
Opening his sleepy eyes
And smiling

At a shadow play upon his wall

The bear and the boy and I dance
Upon the night sky
Stardust mingling with wisps of clouds

We dance until the sun returns
The boy is no longer afraid

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