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I have created some festive Diwali cards. (Diwali will be celebrated on November 9th this year). Here's a sampling of some of the card styles: See more of my Diwali Greeting Card designs on my Zazzle gallery at:… more »
I have created some blank nature cards with photographs of birds, butterflies, dragonflies, flowers, scenery, etc. I took this photo in North Carolina. I was so lucky that this bee chose to pose for me. I was taking a morning walk on the Cary Gree… more »
When walking the road of life If you find yourself trodding On thorns never give up Keep moving on & at the end Of the stem find the Rose. Note: This poem is available on a mug: See more products like this on my Zazzle gallery… more »

Nature Mugs

I have created some nature mugs with photographs of dragonflies, squirrels, flowers, birds, and scenery. I took this picture at the North Carolina beach. These bright red flowers were thriving in the sand. This moth on an azalea bloom was taken in… more »
I have created some Oops products including drinking mugs, magnets, and keychains. I plan to add more "Oops themed" products later this week. The Oops products are posted on my Zazzle gallery at:* Click the icon… more »

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