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Yes, that's right. Roadrunners are real birds, not just a cartoon character that is smarter than a coyote that walks on two feet. And Ronak not only saw one at his workplace, but had his camera phone with him, so that elusive bird was finally captured… more »
Combine wind and a lake fountain. Add sunshine. And what do you get? A beautiful dancing rainbow display! Here's a movie of the rainbow in the fountain: Fountain Rainbow. more »
The wind was really blowing as we walked around the Cedar Park Town Center Lake last Sunday. Here's a movie of the beautiful effect the wind had on the lake fountain: Fountain in the Wind. more »
At first I thought I was seeing a Great Blue Heron, soaring across the sky. It was about the same size, but it was bright white. After consulting my Texas bird book, I realized it must be a Great Egret. Here's a movie of the great, white bird we… more »
In an earlier post, I showed pictures of the magnificent hummingbirds we saw at The Alamo on our trip to San Antonio. Today, I had a chance to edit the video footage. Here's a movie of the hummingbirds we saw: Hummingbirds at the Alamo. more »

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