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I knock, but there is no answer. The creative genius is out for the day and all writing will be discontinued until his return. Alas! and I must write for my composition class, too. What terrible timing! When might he be back? + You never can tell. Som… more »
I watched his small, eleven year old body as it moved into the uniform blue crowd and was swallowed. My heart dropped, colliding with my diaphragm. I turned away. How had it come to this? He was just a child. He was frightened. I'd seen it in his foggy,… more »
A baby is born into the house of a mother and father who are unable to communicate with one another. But his parents are well-meaning, so what could be the harm? Find out in my short story, Necessary Distraction. I may be just a baby, but I can sen… more »
My friend set me up on a blind date with her friend Mr. Baker. She said he had a lot of dough. That made my interest rise. It’s not that I knead a man with bread. It would just be nice if two people brought home the baking and fried dough up in the pan.… more »
The Branson family members sat speechless around the chalk outline on the drawing room floor where their formerly rich and living relative lay moments before with a knife in his back. The inspector entered the room. "I'm glad you're all here," he said… more »

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Lisa J. Parker's writing and creative works including poems, books, short stories, essays, movies, greeting graphics, and photographs.


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