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I was a normal kid growing up, so of course I loved sweets. This usually meant candy: jelly beans, hard candy, chocolate, coffee nips (gooey enough to rip dental fillings from your head), candy canes, gumdrops, black licorice - anything but caramel. (I… more »


I think I'm ready to hit the road. But I'm like Pavlov's Dog. I hear the jingle of keys - even in my own hand - and I've got to go back in the house and make a final pit stop. I wasn't born this way. There were many times when my parents would instru… more »
When I was five and my brother, Jeff, was three, we started a family tradition. My mother's parents thought it would be nice to take us to stay with them at their home in Black Mountain, North Carolina for a few weeks every summer. It was supposed to giv… more »
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Lisa J. Parker's writing and creative works including poems, books, short stories, essays, movies, greeting graphics, and photographs.


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