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The face was bloated as if it were a float, pumped a little too full with air in anticipation of a big parade. Almost comical, except I recognized this young man through the distorted features. I couldn't take my eyes from him. It had been almost four mo… more »


I think I'm ready to hit the road. But I'm like Pavlov's Dog. I hear the jingle of keys - even in my own hand - and I've got to go back in the house and make a final pit stop. I wasn't born this way. There were many times when my parents would instru… more »
When I was five and my brother, Jeff, was three, we started a family tradition. My mother's parents thought it would be nice to take us to stay with them at their home in Black Mountain, North Carolina for a few weeks every summer. It was supposed to giv… more »
My name is Bagbid Wolfe. My name is German and so are my products. I am a door-to-door salesman. I have sold the Catnip Patch in Catland, Wash & Slosh Food Drainers in Raccoonland, and Chew & Brew Blenders in Cowland. Because we are different… more »

Rough Draft

"You should've died years ago." "Excuse me?" I said automatically and immediately wished that I hadn't. I should have asked him to talk with me after class. The students were silent as I continued down the rows, passing out that night's writing assign… more »

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