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Davis had told me my innerself would come out if I drank. He was right. There it was before me. I dragged my perspiring body up into a standing position, leaned against the cool, tiled wall, reached out a tentative hand, and flushed my innermost self dow… more »
I lay on the damp ground, listening to the throb of my heart. A bomb inside me about to explode. A clock counting down the seconds. I lifted my head. In the distance I could see the lighted outline of the bridge leading into town. Pretty. But also dar… more »

Flea Market

It was a sweaty Sunday. Consumers such as myself had skipped church to attend the flea market in denims and polyester and cottons. On the look for good buys (cheaper than the evangelist's God), men and women held onto their children's hands as they made… more »
The day before Valentine's Day they found a tumor in my brain. I had known that they would. It was my own fault - for educating myself. Education can be a deadly thing - especially if you are myself, an individual who employs avoidance coping strategies… more »
A man of about 140 years hovered across from us at the ship stop. He was using his mind to convey a dairy shake from its vessel to his lips. The liquid surged like a geyser, arriving at its target exactly. My son snickered, unamused by the display. I tur… more »

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