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I shifted my position in the green, cushioned chair another time and crossed my legs - the right one on top, my foot jiggling in the air. I twisted my wrist towards me and checked my watch. Fourteen minutes waiting. I smoothed my skirt, wiping the sweat… more »
Sarah Phillips leaned heavily against her back screen door, eyeing the small shape crouched on the bottom step. The woman frowned, wrinkles creasing her even tan. "How do they always find me?" she asked herself. Its small, blue eyes focused on Sarah, and… more »
Allan Stanton eyed his wife with disgust as he knotted his paisley tie. She was gazing into the vanity mirror, re-applying fuchsia lipstick a third time. Every bleached blond hair was in place, every blemish concealed with foundation. “Putting in a lot o… more »
I was a normal kid growing up, so of course I loved sweets. This usually meant candy: jelly beans, hard candy, chocolate, coffee nips (gooey enough to rip dental fillings from your head), candy canes, gumdrops, black licorice - anything but caramel. (I… more »
The reverend mopped the river of sweat that was coursing his right temple and consulted his notepad a second time. "Room 302." He stared at the gleaming numbers on the door before him. "May I help you?" The soft voice from behind startled him. Todd t… more »

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Lisa J. Parker's writing and creative works including poems, books, short stories, essays, movies, greeting graphics, and photographs.


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