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Little Bear

When I was a freshman in my first semester of college, I was homesick, and mail was important to me - important enough to run down to my mailbox during the brief pause between my 9:30 and my 11:00 classes. I tore open the envelopes and read as I walked t… more »
I wonder how parents today handle Santa - with the internet, the adult-oriented sitcoms, the new Christmas movies that lack magic. When I was a kid all we had to make us doubt were the other kids, and the other kids were just as innocent as we were.… more »
One benefit of having moved to Texas is we no longer have to stock the house with hurricane supplies: jugs of water, cans of fruit, powdered milk, boxes of crackers and cereal (and potted meat before I became a vegetarian). Nothing requiring refrigeratio… more »
Being sick feels lousy, but it's supposed to be good for us, right? Strengthens the old immune system. Our body "learns" from the illness. The white blood cell generals will know how to fight this particular virus next time - and maybe they'll even be ab… more »
I learned a lot from my grandparents about soap operas. Whenever my father's parents came to visit us, an intermission to the visit occurred between the hours of 12:30 to 4:00 pm weekdays. They had to watch "their shows." Luckily "their shows" were on… more »

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