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Durham Shock

When I moved to Durham, North Carolina, I experienced an immediate culture shock. The city was big, hot, flat, noisy, and scary. A stark contrast to the rural, mountain living I was used to. I regretted the move as soon as I’d made it that hot, humid Jul… more »

Fish Tale

I caught a fish so big, it was the size of a whale. Seriously, a whale. Well, maybe a pygmy whale, but still a whale. It was the size of a house. Really! A house! Maybe a two bedroom mobile home, but that's still a house. This fish was roomy inside… more »
You may be expecting stories about learning Braille, eating while blindfolded, leading persons with visual impairment up stairs properly, learning about technology and low vision aids, and watching talent shows or games of beepball. All interesting and i… more »
You should always get eight hours of sleep a night, because if you don't bad things will happen. Sure, you won't be well-rested and you won't be thinking clearly and you might run into large, inanimate objects (like the refrigerator) or large, animat… more »
I am short. There really isn't any other way to say it. Well, there are other ways but none would make me any taller. Vertically challenged. Petite. No matter what I call myself, I still need a stool to reach the top kitchen cupboards. That's short. I… more »

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