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It hasn't really been funny. It's been sad and it's been painful - for months. It's actually been so sad and so painful for so long, all I can really do is laugh now. Laugh at my never-ending dental construction. (Maybe it's the painkillers that make it… more »
I remember a time that I walked around to the other side of our pond and sat on the hot shale and gazed into the water at the organisms below the surface and on the surface and above the surface. Water striders, tadpoles, and an old tire covered with gre… more »
I knock, but there is no answer. The creative genius is out for the day and all writing will be discontinued until his return. Alas! and I must write for my composition class, too. What terrible timing! When might he be back? + You never can tell. Som… more »
I watched his small, eleven year old body as it moved into the uniform blue crowd and was swallowed. My heart dropped, colliding with my diaphragm. I turned away. How had it come to this? He was just a child. He was frightened. I'd seen it in his foggy,… more »

Man vs. Frog

He sat there, perched on a rock, looking at me. His amphibian eyes would wink in turn, but never would he remove both from my intimidating presence. He feared that I might childishly make a leap for him, grab him in my hands, and imprison him. He had… more »

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