Category: Monster Poems

There’s a monster in my kitchenHe’s quite the gourmetSince we’ve employed himWe’ve had tasty food all dayHe’s environmentally consciousUsing every bit and dollopWhich is good for the earthAnd even better for the walletYou’d think we w… more »
There’s a monster in my attic With a flair for the dramatic Through every trunk placed in storage She will forage and she’ll forage Then she’ll recategorize The items that she finds Old clothing goes in wardrobe Old letters filed as scripts Cu… more »
A monster lives in my garage That beast is quite athletic He makes my friends and family too Look physically pathetic   Because, you see, he’s 93 And could run marathons with ease While we couch potatoes Cough and wheeze Just watching a marathon… more »
There’s a very hairy monster Beneath the bathroom sink He’s very fond of guest soaps Especially if they’re pink He likes to take long baths Amid rose-scented bubbles It rids him of that skunky smell But causes our drain troubles ‘Cause he’s a… more »
There’s a monster in my closet My parents do not know He’s very good with fashion Always hanging out with clothes So I ask for his advice And he tells me what I need A short, black, mini skirt Or a smart blazer in tweed I’ve noticed not all i… more »

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