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Blue is Vastness Openness Emptiness A blank slate It's opportunity It's possibilities It's infinite choices A clear path across the sky Blue is No right answers No guiding stars A solitary journey With no horizon in view It's freedom… more »
Orange is a hot summer day It's a strenuous hike to a well-earned view Of a rugged stone pinnacle Orange is a twisting canyon Of jutting peaks A sunset frozen in time, in a rock wall Orange is satisfaction From sweat and strain The awe-inspir… more »
Grey is a rain cloud about to burst It's a silver lining that's been tarnished By endless stormy weather Grey is a hard stone It's a treeless mountaintop It's emptiness and solitude Grey is the head of a sledgehammer Shattering a boulder Into… more »
Green is life It's photosynthesis It's jungles and rainforests And seaweed And tree frogs Green is growing It's vines It's new leaves And fresh shoots Of grass Green is softness It's a field of clover It's lily pads And palm fronds And… more »
Yellow is sunshine pollen from the pine tree honey of the hive back of the bumblebee the Autumn moon It's springtime and warmth and a hug in your mother's arms It's joy and it's love Yellow is buttercups and daffodils smiling up at me e… more »
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