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Man: I am the music And you are the words Woman: I am the melody You are the chords Both: And together, we make a song Together, we make a beautiful song Woman:… more »
I am a social Scientist Trying to find Patterns And rules Amid the chaos Of Human Relationships Every conversation Is an observation And every forging Of a friendship Is an experiment My hypothesis? Sometimes hopeful Sometimes not Trying… more »
I was asleep dreaming a dream of how my life could be Didn't know it could be reality Thank you for waking me up Didn't know it could be this way I could make myself happy Now I'm smiling every day Thank you for waking me up Now life isn't… more »

Wasted Time

Wasted time I used to own I didn't value, left it alone And no more is there to receive For us to share, yes, you and me I thought my existence was eternal Life's seasons always would be vernal Winters cold and empty'd never come But I was wrong… more »
Violets are trampled Roses are crushed Through my fair garden An elephant rushed Footprints are all That are left to view In the garden where I first met you The stems are broken The flowers are dead But memories thrive I will not forget more »

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