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I hope you enjoy this Spooky Metaphor Poem I'm posting for Halloween. It is similar to Mystery Metaphor Poems in that the reader guesses the subject of the poem. Good luck! Goalie Tensed Waiting for action A shot flies toward the net The patie… more »
Hawk: Vulture, Your flying is quite graceful You've been mistaken for a hawk But when you land upon the ground Differences become quite stark Could you stand a little straighter? Hold your head up, tilt it back? Eat in trees, not on the highw… more »

Spring Rain

I look to the sky and feel the soft, gentle kisses of the raindrops Touch my head, my face, my eyelashes And I want to dance In the sidewalk puddles as Gene Kelley did In the film Singing in the Rain I want to race wildly Through the woods… more »
Orange is a hot summer day It's a strenuous hike to a well-earned view Of a rugged stone pinnacle Orange is a twisting canyon Of jutting peaks A sunset frozen in time, in a rock wall Orange is satisfaction From sweat and strain The awe-inspir… more »
Green is life It's photosynthesis It's jungles and rainforests And seaweed And tree frogs Green is growing It's vines It's new leaves And fresh shoots Of grass Green is softness It's a field of clover It's lily pads And palm fronds And… more »

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