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Wasted Time

Wasted time I used to own I didn't value, left it alone And no more is there to receive For us to share, yes, you and me I thought my existence was eternal Life's seasons always would be vernal Winters cold and empty'd never come But I was wrong… more »
Lately I've been thinking and gradually been sinking Down into the depths of my despair I wonder if I'd been different, shown a thanks that proved sufficient You, perhaps, would still be here I begin to madly blame myself, and then I sadly pain mys… more »
My heart beats A horse trots Raindrops The Earth's clock Eyes alert Setting sun Rising moon The clock runs My lungs breathe The wind blows Wings flap Timemen doze Skin that feels Rough tree bark Clay in dirt Cold feels dark My mou… more »

The Bubble

He flew there To that spot on the grass Balanced on the stems Waiting for a breeze To send him on his way Before his time was up Shining in the sunlight With radiant colors Rainbows And swirling prisms That danced In the wind The wind tri… more »
I can remember That day in September It was my fifth birthday and I was real scared My brother thought I’d never come back again, it’s nice to know he cared For when I swallowed that quarter that was given to me by Joan I stayed at the hospital over… more »

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