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I'm Sorry

I'm sorry All I have are inadequate words Robed in good intentions Tongue-tied sash I wish That I could offer you Words of wisdom and hope Sunbeams through the cloud cover A lightning bug in the fog more »
Lazy afternoon Lying on my parents' bed Examining their quilt For the umpteenth time My mother patiently explaining Each patch that she sewed By hand Knotting the corners Old party dresses she wore Ties she made for my father Playsuits for… more »
I am a social Scientist Trying to find Patterns And rules Amid the chaos Of Human Relationships Every conversation Is an observation And every forging Of a friendship Is an experiment My hypothesis? Sometimes hopeful Sometimes not Trying… more »
Blue is Vastness Openness Emptiness A blank slate It's opportunity It's possibilities It's infinite choices A clear path across the sky Blue is No right answers No guiding stars A solitary journey With no horizon in view It's freedom… more »

Night Magic

Wisps of clouds Linger On my dancing shoes As I make my way home To a soft bed Led by the light of fireflies I dream of a boy Opening his sleepy eyes And smiling At a shadow play upon his wall The bear and the boy and I dance Upon the… more »

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