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It's the month of Halloween, so I'll be posting Spooky Simile Poems every Wednesday for the rest of the month. They are similar to Mystery Metaphor Poems in that the reader guesses the subject of the poem. Good luck! Like a grumpy, old man Sittin… more »
Purple fingers Purple toes Purple lips And purple nose Purple hands And purple thumbs Purple buckets Purple tongues Purple where Blueberries run more »
I hope this will make it easier for people to find my metaphor poems: Color Metaphor Poems Color Metaphor Poem: Blue Color Metaphor Poem: Yellow Color Metaphor Poem: Orange Color Metaphor Poem: Grey Color Metaphor Poem: Green Black Whi… more »
Man: I am the music And you are the words Woman: I am the melody You are the chords Both: And together, we make a song Together, we make a beautiful song Woman:… more »
By focusing on my Austin Blues I set myself up to lose Perspective on my circumstance And therefore give up every chance Of seeing beauty in this place How can I when I won't embrace Change, the new, another page In my life - instead I rage A… more »

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