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My parents are not tidy They keep the house a mess Dust layers could be studied By an archeologist And the cobwebs clinging 'round To the ceilings and the walls Aren't inhabited by spiders Because even they're appalled And the smudges on the… more »
There’s a very hairy monster Beneath the bathroom sink He’s very fond of guest soaps Especially if they’re pink He likes to take long baths Amid rose-scented bubbles It rids him of that skunky smell But causes our drain troubles ‘Cause he’s a… more »

Sock Thief

I’m tired of lone socks When once there were pairs And them having holes That can’t be repaired. There is never a match When I need them, But when I complained, Mother cried, “We must feed him!” Completely confounded, I requested she explain… more »
I hope you've been enjoying the Spooky Simile Poems that I've been posting this month of Halloween. They are similar to Mystery Metaphor Poems in that the reader guesses the subject of the poem. Good luck! She looked like a sculpture Chipped fr… more »
It was nearing midnight on Halloween I could barely see by flashlight beam The candy in my pail neared top I thought to myself, "Just one more stop." The next house along the road Seemed a completely normal abode If I had only known before What… more »

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