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One little finger in my mouth Look at me suck my thumb! Two little fingers in my mouth Now I'm really having fun! Three little fingers in my mouth Some may say that three's a crowd But with four little fingers in my mouth I am feeling so, s… more »
I hear so many people Complaining This time of year Holidays are coming so fast Gifts must be purchased Food must be bought and prepared Travel plans must be made It's stressful It's exhausting We dread this Fast-paced Not a moment t… more »
Kitty cat White and black Walking by the Railroad track If a train Should ever come Kitty, Kitty Run, run, run Meow so loud A train “Woo Woo” So I will know One’s coming through And if a train Should never come Kitty, Kitty Run, ru… more »
Hoot Hoot Owl, sitting in a tree Where, oh where, can the full moon be? The moon is playing hide and seek Close your eyes, and do not peek Count to ten, then you can look For the hiding place the full moon took 1 – 2 – 3, 4, 5 Where, oh where… more »
Gonna bake Gonna bake A chocolate cake Gonna wait Gonna wait To cool the cake Then my cake Then my cake I'll decorate Gonna slice Gonna slice A piece so nice Gonna eat Gonna eat That chocolate treat Gonna lick those crumbs Righ… more »

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