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He swam across the greening pond With all his fancy clothing on Quietly, so the guards couldn't hear The prince made his exit by the rear He paddled forth to the mossy wall That was built to protect the castle, all He grasped a strand of green mo… more »
I wake in my cocoon of mosquito netting Crows cawing Metal dishes clanking A wallah calling out wares for sale Rickshaw horns blowing, engines revving In time to invisible traffic signals A rhythmic cacophony I feel the heat A heavy, comforting… more »
We follow the roads of life Traveling in different cars They are all unique We honk individualized horns In greeting, as our paths cross Sometimes, We are blessed with light traffic And we speed along together But roads aren't free forev… more »
Brother, sister Teasing Poking, prodding Out of boredom Mother sighs, "Please stop or this might escalate." Brother, sister Arguing Yelling, name-calling Over a game move Mother says, "Please stop before it escalates." Brother… more »

Wish to Fly

Life is like the swirling, foaming waves Tumbling over rocks, I hope to be saved But dead leaf boats, they pass me by I'm sure to drown. I wish to fly! Rose petals fall along my way From bud to wedding, then death day The flowers always in others'… more »

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