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The dripping Of that faucet And the ticking Of that clock And the tapping Of that pencil I wish it all Would stop And that bubbling Water cooler And the beeping Of that fax And the humming Of that fan I wish I could Relax But the rin… more »

Rushing Time

Time rushes past my fingertips Like grains of sand I can't clutch nor gather Any hold I have is an illusion It falls away and drifts downstream And I wonder how It made its way to the ocean When did it wash away And will it return to me On the n… more »
Grey is a rain cloud about to burst It's a silver lining that's been tarnished By endless stormy weather Grey is a hard stone It's a treeless mountaintop It's emptiness and solitude Grey is the head of a sledgehammer Shattering a boulder Into… more »
I wish it weren't so gray outside I wish it weren't raining I wish I weren't so sleepy I wish I could concentrate I wish I could keep my eyes open I wish I hadn't dozed off I wish I hadn't drooled on my desk I wish I didn't have keyboard impress… more »

Wasted Time

Wasted time I used to own I didn't value, left it alone And no more is there to receive For us to share, yes, you and me I thought my existence was eternal Life's seasons always would be vernal Winters cold and empty'd never come But I was wrong… more »

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