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Orange is a Square Accent Throw Pillow Cheddar Cracker Slice of American Cheese Orange is a Triangle Obstacle Course Cone Road Warning Sign Slice of Pumpkin Pie Orange is a Circle Beach Ball Setting Sun Autumn Moon Juicy Peach Navel O… more »
While I viewed Stonehenge II I had a lozenge chew Which had an orange hue I saw a condor plunge It was a poor lunge For a bright floor sponge The color was orange He must have been confused By that vibrant orange hue I hid my lozenge chew A… more »
Stonehenge Lozenge Poor Lunge Floor Sponge Condor Plunge Hardcore Grunge Who says Nothing rhymes With Orange? more »
I was asleep dreaming a dream of how my life could be Didn't know it could be reality Thank you for waking me up Didn't know it could be this way I could make myself happy Now I'm smiling every day Thank you for waking me up Now life isn't… more »
The smell of soap Makes me think of bubble baths And puppy baths And the inevitable people baths When puppy pulls me in the bath Soapy suds more »

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