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I hate her - that first woman who decided to shave her legs and her underarms. And I hate him too - the guy who decided it was great, the wave of the future. Thank you very much, both of you. My life is so much more satisfying now. I've got every minu… more »


A word about toilets…. One word is probably more than most people want to hear about toilets. It isn't the sort of subject that causes heads to turn and incline close together to hear the very latest. There really hasn't been any late-breaking updates… more »


I wasn't down this morning. Just thinking. Just on a level plain. I looked for some inspiration, some distraction. I saw the rain outside the window, the ever changing circular patterns on the wood of the deck. It's more beautiful, because you can't free… more »
Home is where you are. You are the only constant. Wherever you move is where you live. Your home is within your skin. So you can never really leave home. You can only repair it, renovate it, and add on an addition or two. Well, you can decorate it too of… more »
It's Valentine's Day again. And visions of cupcakes with pink frosting are dancing in my head. Who can forget the school parties of heart-shaped cookies and candies, red punch, and cupcakes slathered in romantic frosting? We kids were in love: with sugar… more »

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