There’s a monster in my kitchen
He’s quite the gourmet
Since we’ve employed him
We’ve had tasty food all day

He’s environmentally conscious
Using every bit and dollop
Which is good for the earth
And even better for the wallet

You’d think we would get bigger
With all these luscious snacks
But we’ve actually lost weight
(He must reduce the fat)

He’s got a knack for spices
Each new dish is a hit
Nothing ever tastes the same
I hope he never quits

We often have asked why
This monster doesn’t own
A gourmet restaurant
He replies with a groan

He doesn’t like to share his space,
Original recipes
His secret ingredient
Or his methodologies

And I honestly wish
My brother’d never pried
And unearthed our chef’s secret
Ingredient – Oh, why!

Father made that monster
Gourmet hit the road
While we all pleaded
Father said he had no choice
No matter how scrumptious,
How cost- and eco-conscious
We were still just eating cardboard

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