I hate her - that first woman who decided to shave her legs and her underarms. And I hate him too - the guy who decided it was great, the wave of the future.

Thank you very much, both of you. My life is so much more satisfying now. I've got every minute of it filled with ridiculous, necessary things to do. I have to fix my hair, put on my make-up, shave my legs, lie in the sun, pluck eyebrow hairs, polish my teeth, perfume my body, wear my deodorant. Suffer!

If no one else did these things, ever, then it wouldn't matter now. No one would care, but because a couple of people did it, the fad caught on. And now, to compete with all those other women and avoid looking plain, I have to paint myself up. I can't just be me.

Imagine if the world were rid of make-up, how beautiful we'd look first thing in the morning.

Why has man invented silly things such as permanents and hairspray and Nair body hair remover and nail polish and lipstick and tinted contact lenses and padded bras and girdles and mascara? Are we so ashamed of what we really look like, that we have to cover ourselves up completely? Have people become so used to this remodeled look that they can't accept natural beauty or ugliness (whatever it is), whoever we are?

I'm praying that it will go completely out of style someday like Chinese footbinding did. I just hope that when that day comes, I'll be able to give up the cover, accept my true self, and not have to avoid mirrors.

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