I knock, but there is no answer. The creative genius is out for the day and all writing will be discontinued until his return. Alas! and I must write for my composition class, too. What terrible timing! When might he be back?

+ You never can tell. Sometimes he's gone for days, sometimes weeks. He only comes in when he feels inspired to, really. He does it on a whim.

Yes, I know. He woke me in the middle of a dream the other night. I was very tired, but he refused to let me sleep. "Get up and find a pen," he said. And that time I was in the bathroom... You try writing on toilet paper. He really has something to learn about timing. I was in the middle of class when he started composing a poem about autumn leaves. Needless to say, the professor was not amused. Why can't he be here now - when I need him? Is that too much to ask?

+ I'm sorry. I cannot control him either. I am just his secretary, waiting to take dictation when you refuse to. What can I do? He won't listen to me. And even if I could bring him in right now, you probably wouldn't want to see him in this state of un-inspiration. He's like a wet, newly-washed sheet on the clothesline of your mind. Right now, you'd have little use for him. Only when the wind changes and blows and he billows into a creative form is he of any use. Right now, he's quite damp. Come back in about three days. I hear a breeze beginning to pick up from afar. That's a good sign. He's starting to come to life.

Wait! Wait! Ummmmmm. Perhaps I don't need to talk to him now. You say, you're just the secretary? And you're here all the time? That image of the so-called-creative genius was pretty good. Maybe you would like to write me a composition while he's on leave, getting some artistic wind in his sails. What do you say? You have any more metaphors lying around?

+Well, he did lock a few up in the file cabinet here for safe-keeping. He was saving them for a rainy day...

Well, he's all wet, so let's consider it raining. Work on them and give me a rough draft next time I'm at the computer, ok? No more writing on ticket stubs or toilet paper. It would be nice if your inspiration and my free time coincided. And another thing...

+Don't interrupt any dreams above 73 degrees?

Exactly. Those must remain very uninterrupted.

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