Home is where you are. You are the only constant. Wherever you move is where you live. Your home is within your skin. So you can never really leave home. You can only repair it, renovate it, and add on an addition or two. Well, you can decorate it too of course. But your home is in your head.

So, don’t let it fall into disrepair. Give it the TLC it needs. Make it a place that you enjoy spending time in, not just a place you crash. Love that home of yours. Invite in company.

And one day maybe you will find someone special to share your home with. (It helps if you have similar ideas about decorating, floor plans, and foundations.) And you can build a family room together with a hallway connecting the two homes you built as individuals. Then there are the add-on bedrooms for the children, the grandchildren, and for your special someone’s family.

It seems like there are always modifications to make to that home of yours, but that’s what makes it your special place! Things break down. You run out of space. You want to change that outdated pea green, shag carpet for example. (I mean, who wouldn’t!)

And as you renovate and update, your home stays that home, sweet home that you always dreamed of having.

So, visualize your dream home. Draw up the plans. And make it happen!

Only you can create that perfect home for yourself, because your home’s inside your head. It’s where you live. It’s in you. So, make it sweet!

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