I had the idea of this story in mind for over a year before I actually wrote it out: a father gives his child what appears to be extremely odd birthday gifts, but each gift contains a deeper meaning and a wish.

The day I was born, my father gave me a telescope.

"What do you expect a baby to do with a telescope?" Mother asked him with a shake of her head.

Father ignored her. "Now, you’ll be able to see beyond this crib," he whispered to me. I opened one eye.

Mother shook her head again.

-excerpt from Father's Gifts

It was my brother Brian's impending graduation from high school that finally inspired me to gather all my notes for the story together and write this book.

Father's Gifts is dedicated to my parents, who always gave me gifts that made me think: origami books, make-your-own-radio kit, construction tools, a weaving kit, trucks with working lights, books, and my guinea pig Cocoanut. And to my brother, Brian, who has entered a new chapter in his life and who has patiently listened to my “words of wisdom” over the years without too many sighs or too many yawns.

I hope you enjoy Father's Gifts.

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