... Jingle out of my head!

I have to admit it is a very catchy jingle. The first few times I heard it, I couldn't even understand the words but the tune was stuck in my head for days. So I'd hum it and hum it and hum it.

Eventually I deciphered some of the words and realized it was an ad for a plastic surgery clinic.

I think this is how it goes:

Dr. Robert Caridi
Westlake Plastic Surgery
Your comfort and safety
Are our primary concern

(Without the tune, it's really not the same.)

A friend of mine asked me if the jingle was effective, did it make me want to have plastic surgery.

Honestly, no. (If I were in the market for plastic surgery already, maybe, but I doubt I'll be in that market.)

What it actually inspires me to do is seek out a brain specialist. Maybe she could extract the memory of this jingle from my head, so it won't continually go round and round in there.

If that operation is successful, I'll ask her to remove the Thundercloud Subs jingle next.

The same day I took photos of the mockingbird, I videotaped him.

I was afraid that he might fly away as I drew closer and closer to him, but nothing phased him. He was a professional performer. And the bigger his viewership, the better.

This was his entire audience before I arrived:
small bird

This small bird showed his appreciation by flapping his wings up and showing the brightly colored undersides. I guess this is an equivalent to clapping in the bird world.

My mockingbird performed a long set through sirens shrieking, cars driving by, other birds calling, leaf blowers droning. The show went on!

I edited my footage and created the following movie, so you too can enjoy his vocals.

Mockingbird Movie

I'm sure if this mockingbird could comprehend the size of the internet, he'd blush at the thought of his possible viewership and potential fans!

I'm still advocating for the vulture as new state bird, but this is the current state bird: the mockingbird.


These birds have an amazing set of lungs on them. They sing non-stop, rotating through their repertoire of songs, singing as loudly as they can, trying to drown out other birds, traffic noises, sirens.


Maybe it's this self-assuredness and determination that caused the Texas legislature to adopt the mockingbird in 1927.

Personally, I think the work the vulture is doing, although less showy, is much more important. Please join me in writing to the Texas legislature and showing support for the vulture as new state bird!

I found out two weekends back that there is such a thing as enjoying the wildflowers too much.

I lost track of the time taking photograph after photograph as I discovered flowers I'd never seen before. I was having too much fun.

And it had been such a long time since I'd been out in a sunny, wildflower-filled field that taking precautions never entered my mind.

It was on the drive back home that I realized my mistake. My hands and arms had a reddish hue. And when I removed my watch, the high contrast stripe on my wrist confirmed my fears: I was sunburned.

Lisa with a sunburn

It was an odd sunburn. One stripe across my left foot developed between my sandal straps. There was a thin line along my lower back where my shirt must have risen a little as I leaned over to capture a wildflower in my viewfinder. And I had bands along both arms from holding the camera. To take photographs, I had been tilting my arms in an unusual way that exposed new patches of skin to the sun.

Lisa with a sunburn

It was a good lesson: while enjoying wildflowers wear sunscreen.

After a weekend of sleet and freezing temperatures, we weren't sure what we would find: frozen, brownish wildflowers or colorful, flourishing wildflowers?

This is what the weather did to the once colorful pansies:

brown pansies

But when I arrived at Balcones Park on Amherst Drive, I found the wildflower area there bright and colorful!


bluebonnets and greenthreads

I even discovered some new wildflowers!

pink wildflower

prairie verbena

So cold temperatures and a day of sleet weren't able to keep the Texas wildflowers down! That was a wonderful sight to see!

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