Step 14: Add sheets.

sheets on bed

Step 15: Add pillows and quilt.

Step 16: Test out the bed. :-)

Lisa in bed

Step 7: Make sure that you don't get trapped between the slats of the bed you're making.

Ronak between the slats

Step 8: Pull the mattress out of the box.

pulling mattress from box

Step 9: Give up on pulling anything out of the box, and tear open the box.

Ronak tearing box

Step 10: Drag the mattress part 1 down the hall into the bedroom.

Ronak dragging mattress

Step 11: Removed mattress part 2 from the box.

Ronak pulling mattress from box

Step 12: Put mattress part 1 on bed frame.

mattress on bed

Step 13: Put mattress part 2 on top of mattress part one. And test for comfiness.

Ronak putting mattress on bed parts

Now it's time to make the bed and test it out! See tomorrow.

As a present to ourselves, Ronak and I bought a handmade, cedar bed and an eco-friendly mattress. This gift was long overdue. And the order was a month overdue.

We had ordered it the Monday before Thanksgiving and were told it would take 3 weeks. After a month had passed, we were told that the man building it was having trouble finding a piece of wood large enough for the headboard. He asked if we minded if it were a bit rustic. We told him we trusted him, and the bed frame was completed.

We fit the two boxes that contained mattress in the back of our Prius, but after measuring the headboard of the bed at Ecowise (where we made the purchase), we realized that there was no way that headboard was going to fit in a Prius, so we set up delivery - which was a good thing, because it take more than one person to carry the headboard up the stairs to our second floor apartment, and I was sitting this activity out.

bed parts

After delivery, we had a living room full of parts: mattress parts, bed parts, bolts, and a tool to put the bolts in.

mattress parts & bag of bolts

Step 1: Drag the headboard from the livingroom, down the hall...

Ronak dragging headboard

...into the bedroom.

Ronak dragging headboard

Step 2: Lean headboard against wall.

Ronak with headboard

Step 3: Say "Oops!" and move items out of the bedroom that are in the way of putting a bed together.

Lisa moving clothes rack

Step 4: Set down camera and work together to put the frame together with bolts.

Step 5: Brush up on physics and geometry when bed doesn't appear to fit together properly.

Ronak and slats

Step 6: Fit slats notches onto posts.

fitting slats

To be continued tomorrow...

We had some cold days in December, but then, as occurred in many part of the country, we warmed up. We had some delightful days in the 70s, while New York enjoyed balmy 50s.

On those days, I spent as much time outside as I could, which might explain my daily sneezing from cedar pollen.

Cedar enjoys dry, sunny days too, and the pollen has been out in full force, as has my violent sneezing.

I heard that if you don't have allergies before you move to Austin, you'll develop them before you leave. Well, I definitely noticed the cedar pollen last year, and this winter, my allergies have increased. So, next year should be interesting....?

The cedar pollen and myself were not the only enjoyers of the warmer temps. I found a critter hiding in one of my plant pots.


I watered the plants, because they were dry. But apparently this type of lizard prefers it dry.


He vacated the pot as soon as the raindrops began falling on his head.

Now, the weather has turned colder again, so I'm keeping warm inside. The lizard has probably sought out a cozy spot too.

And the cedar pollen? I'm hoping it washes away in the cold rain.

Then I can enjoy the sun without the sneezing! :-)

Along the shore of Lake Marble Falls, "The Walkway of Lights" took on an aquatic turn.

Marble Falls Walkway of Lights

Dolphins leapt in the air.

Marble Falls Walkway of Lights

And Santa and his reindeer took turns water skiing.

Marble Falls Walkway of Lights

It's only right that they all take a break after working so hard one day a year. The costume changes alone!

Marble Falls Walkway of Lights

Well, maybe more than one night a year. Looks like Santa does summer work in the field. (I wonder how different riding a sleigh is to riding a tractor. Horse power vs. reindeer power.)

Marble Falls Walkway of Lights

Overall, we highly recommend the Marble Falls Walkway of Lights. The displays are enjoyable. And the exhibit is open until Jan 1st (unlike Austin's light display, Trail of Lights at Zilker Park, which ended before Christmas, not giving us much chance to attend. Maybe next year.)

Marble Falls Walkway of Lights

After our walk at Marble Falls, we warmed up in the car and made our way home. And we realized Marble Falls isn't really that far away.

It will be a nice place to visit in the spring, when we take our Hill Country Wildflower Tour.

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