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Yesterday, I showed you an Austin knight. Today, here's Uncle Sam! With Uncle Sam himself doing your taxes how can you go wrong? These giant "foods" are on the top of the parking deck across the street from the original Whole Foods. Coincid… more »
You never know what objects you might see in front of or on top of an Austin business. I'm guessing they sell hubcaps at Hub Cap Annie. With a wrench that big, they can work on monster trucks at D&B Auto. I can't tell you what a… more »
I mentioned previously that Austin is a lot more liberal than Cary, NC when it comes to signs and other creative advertising for businesses. Former and present Caryites will not soon forget the fight of Gypsy's Shiny Diner to have a diner that was act… more »
... Jingle out of my head! I have to admit it is a very catchy jingle. The first few times I heard it, I couldn't even understand the words but the tune was stuck in my head for days. So I'd hum it and hum it and hum it. Eventually I deciphered som… more »
The same day I took photos of the mockingbird, I videotaped him. I was afraid that he might fly away as I drew closer and closer to him, but nothing phased him. He was a professional performer. And the bigger his viewership, the better. This was h… more »

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In 2007, we moved to Austin, and this blog chronicled our adaptation to Texas life: festivals, wildflowers, and bats - oh my! Then we had a baby, and that changed everything, so now, we blog about where to buy organic food, what parks are fun for babies, which exterminator is taking care of our scorpion problem. (You know, the usual parental concerns.)


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