I don't purport to know all the rules about the handling of American flags. (Most of what I do know, I learned in elementary school as we took turns hoisting, lowering, and folding the flag in a perfect triangular shape.)

I know:

  1. There are no rules about burning them, but some people would like there to be.
  2. If it's raining, you should bring your flag in to protect it from the elements. (At least that's what we did in school).
  3. You shouldn't let the flag touch the ground.
  4. Flags are sometimes raised only to half-mast to show respect and grief.

I'm not sure what the occasion could be for this particular American flag display:

Origami American Flag

Celebrating American Flag Origami Day? (A new holiday perhaps?)

Whatever the meaning, someone in our neighborhood has maintained this flag display for the last few days.

It's interesting, but I think it's the wind that should take all the credit. Yes, that Texas wind can be quite creative.

But I don't think the West Hurley Elementary School teachers would approve. They would have sent us out in the elements to fold up that flag and bring it in.

Click here to find out actual Flag Rules and Regulations

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