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Lately the wildlife have been playing hide and seek with us. When we have a camera in hand, they hide; and when we don't, they give us amazing shows that make us wish we'd remembered our cameras. Scissor-tailed flycatchers have shown us why their tail… more »
This spring, the weather has been perfect for primroses. And they've been thriving in our backyard. Last year, Ronak and I saw a lot of blues, reds, and yellows of bluebonnets and Indian blankets, which must have enjoyed the cooler, rainier weathe… more »
Ronak and I found this creepy-looking spider on the side of our house. We thought it curious that it had prey in hands, but there was no web to be seen. We wondered how it had captured its dinner. So I snapped a few photos (some of which came out… more »
It's no secret that Ronak and I have been missing and craving Bojangles, since we moved to Texas. As soon as our plane landed on North Carolina soil, we successfully located a Bojangles restaurant and indulged in our favorite sweet tea and Cajun frie… more »
The following quotations are from memory. Weather reporters names may have been changed to protect their exhaustion-induced silliness and my lack of remembering. But I can definitely assure you that I have captured the essence of last night's continuous… more »
An average couple (names in credits will be husband #1 and wife #1) sit before their iMac (product placement) watching reruns of The Daily Show (Jon Stewart appears as himself). The wife is listening to the fake news show, but her eyes aren't on the… more »
The flames on our gas stove were out of control. The Use & Care Guide warned us that flames should not lick the sides of pots and pans, but even when the burner was set to medium, this was a problem. On low, a setting to keep items warm, our food boi… more »
Don't you think there should be a waste pickup discount for recyclers? I watched the trash collectors last Friday, wheeling overfilled trash cans to their truck and hefting the contents in. Then they got to our house, began pushing the can, stopped pu… more »
We are still trying to fight turning into suburbanites. The final transformative step: purchasing an edger. We mock those people who mow their lawns, then break out the edger (aka weed whacker, lawn trimmer) to make sure every piece of grass matches… more »
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In 2007, we moved to Austin, and this blog chronicled our adaptation to Texas life: festivals, wildflowers, and bats - oh my! Then we had a baby, and that changed everything, so now, we blog about where to buy organic food, what parks are fun for babies, which exterminator is taking care of our scorpion problem. (You know, the usual parental concerns.)


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