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Is Austin hot and dry? And are the winters really mild? I saw Austin for the first time last December, when we came to hunt for an apartment. I packed for the weather I expected: short sleeves, a light coat, no umbrella. I was cold and I was we… more »
Investigating this myth isn't as easy. The facts don't add up to our anecdotal evidence. Because this hasn't been an average year. In an average year, Austin has 300 days of sunshine. We've lived here for 235 days now, and we've easily seen as many (o… more »
I have to admit that I was expecting Austin to be a brown dust bowl. This was based on my observations of Texas from the back of a motor home on I-40. Also I once worked with a woman originally from Dallas. After she sold her house there, she and her… more »
Before we decided to move here, my only first-hand knowledge of Texas was what I had gleaned during a 5 1/2 week trip which criss-crossed the country and which brought us through the narrowest part of the state. Those 176 miles across flat, somewhat b… more »
Before moving here, I had a lot of preconceived ideas about Austin. I thought it was probably flat, desert-like, hot. We'd been told that it was liberal, had a diverse population, with ungodly hot summers and mild winters. And these beliefs have been… more »
In an earlier post, I showed pictures of the magnificent hummingbirds we saw at The Alamo on our trip to San Antonio. Today, I had a chance to edit the video footage. Here's a movie of the hummingbirds we saw: Hummingbirds at the Alamo. more »

Sick Again

Well, I'm sick again. Second lousy cold this year. And I can't blame Austin directly this time around, because I was back in North Carolina when I caught it. Twenty-five members of my family gathered in NC for a party last Saturday. It was fantastic s… more »
A few weeks back, we began noticing a new wildflower that grew it what looked like tidy little bouquets by the side of the road. Unfortunately we usually saw them in rocky soil on bits of road that had no shoulder, so it was difficult getting a closer lo… more »
Who doesn't enjoy a nice fish-flavored liquor? Or a computerized gun? (Well, I guess that depends on what OS it's running.) Or a well-dressed, aquatic dog? This sign on the service road of 183 just cracks me up every time I see it, so I thought I'… more »
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In 2007, we moved to Austin, and this blog chronicled our adaptation to Texas life: festivals, wildflowers, and bats - oh my! Then we had a baby, and that changed everything, so now, we blog about where to buy organic food, what parks are fun for babies, which exterminator is taking care of our scorpion problem. (You know, the usual parental concerns.)


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