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Yes! That's right, it's raining again! Well, can I actually say that when it hasn't stopped raining for so many days, weeks, months? It's hard to believe that Austin was suffering from a drought when we first moved here. It's hard to believe that J… more »
If our trip to Enchanted Rock State Park were to have a theme other than rock, it would have to be: water. We triumphed over rainy weather and flooded roads on our trip to the park. We climbed a slippery slope to the summit to be greeted by vernal… more »
We enjoyed other wildlife and wildflowers on the way down from the summit of Enchanted Rock and in other areas of the park. We discovered that country mockingbirds are different than city ones. We are used to Austin mockingbirds singing incessantl… more »
We were excited to see three different types of lizards at Enchanted Rock State Park. They blend in so well with their environment, we never would have spotted them if they hadn't moved. I tried to identify them, using online resources, wit… more »
At the summit of Enchanted Rock, there was nothing higher than we were. And there was nothing redder than my overheated face there either. Every indentation in the rock, each weathering pit, was filled with water from the rainstorm that let… more »
I didn't know much about geology when I arrived at Enchanted Rock State Park, and sadly I didn't know much more after leaving the park. But once I was in my air conditioned apartment looking at photographs of our trip, I read the Summit Trail Guide (… more »
The harsh granite surface of Enchanted Rock doesn't look like a place that could be home to life, but we found definite signs of life within the cracks. These fairy sword ferns are able to live here, because the fractured rock provides shade and r… more »
The following photo is of one of the clearer signs on Summit Trail. It's time to go straight up. ;-) Seriously, there aren't a lot of signs. Basically, if you aren't at the top, then you haven't reached the summit yet, so keep going. Some parts o… more »
This sign greeted us at the start of Summit Trail at Enchanted Rock State Park. They weren't kidding. The bald rock was slippery from the rain. And the trail was steep. Ronak and I immediately realized that the wet tread on our shoes was… more »
It was still raining as we entered Enchanted Rock State Park, paid our entrance fee, and looked for parking near the trails. The view from the start of the Summit Trail was too wide to take in just one photograph, so I took two pictures and hoped I wo… more »
Our trip to San Antonio worked out so well weather-wise, we decided to risk a drive to Enchanted Rock State Park the next day. We took a southern route that wound through a wet Hill Country with threating skies. Fredericksburg tourists peek… more »
We had heard nice things about River Walk, but it exceeded our expectations. Our first glimpse was this series of waterfalls that traveled through a building, then out into another world. A world of stone walkways, shops, restaurants, and h… more »
We enjoyed photographing the flowers and plants in The Alamo courtyard. The above photo is of the same steam that the fish was swimming and jumping in. Even with my new Wildflowers of Texas book, I struggle over properly identifying the flo… more »
We really enjoyed the courtyard of The Alamo, especially the plants, flowers, and the critters. The first evidence we saw that there was wildlife in the area was a splash in the stream that flowed through the property. Upon closer examination, we disc… more »
I wasn't sure exactly what to expect at The Alamo. I've heard and read both sides of the story, most intrigued by Takaki's account in A Different Mirror. We approached it from the courtyard first, not knowing how the mission/fort was laid out.… more »
If you've been watching the weather or news at all, you know that central Texas has been getting hit hard with rains. (One of these storms was responsible for frying our DSL modem last week.) The rains have also been responsible for lakes and creeks s… more »
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In 2007, we moved to Austin, and this blog chronicled our adaptation to Texas life: festivals, wildflowers, and bats - oh my! Then we had a baby, and that changed everything, so now, we blog about where to buy organic food, what parks are fun for babies, which exterminator is taking care of our scorpion problem. (You know, the usual parental concerns.)


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