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"Eeyore's Birthday Party" is an annual Austin family event, held the last Saturday in April. This year, it was April 28th at Pease Park. This festival was begun in the 1960s by hippie UT students. Live music, sack races, costume contests,… more »
When I picked up Louis Sachar's Small Steps last year, I had no idea the story took place in Austin, Texas. I only knew that I thoroughly enjoyed the book Holes and looked forward to seeing what the characters Armpit and X-Ray were up to since their time… more »
Ronak and I have taken so many Texas wildflower photos that we thought it would make sense to post all of them in one place. So we created an album on Picasa: Texas Wildflowers. I am still working at organizing the album and labeling the wildflowe… more »
Ronak and I participated in an Austin Nature Days event last Saturday: "More than Onions on Onion Creek: A Native Plant Identification Walk." We had a wonderful time. The weather was mild and the flowers were blooming. We learned a lot abou… more »
Most of yesterday's painting around town are located on or just off of Guadalupe Street. We traveled there to visit one of our favorite restaurants: Veggie Heaven. And saw these sights as well: This is a painting located at the far left of the… more »
Last week, I showed you wacky signs, neon signs, odd characters and objects in front of Austin businesses. Today is about artwork painted around town. Only the pay phone is real in the above painting. The ATM is real. I love these… more »
Austin is transformed by the neon signs as the sun sets. It's more beautiful than tacky. And definitely difficult to capture from a moving car - as you will see. Okay. I got out the car to take the above photo, but all the rest are from inside the… more »
Just a few of many unique Austin signs: Wow! If a knight is working on fixing your dents, well, I guess he gets a lot of dents in his armor. And dents in his business could be the difference between life and death, so, yeah, wow. I think "G… more »
Yesterday, I showed you an Austin knight. Today, here's Uncle Sam! With Uncle Sam himself doing your taxes how can you go wrong? These giant "foods" are on the top of the parking deck across the street from the original Whole Foods. Coincid… more »
You never know what objects you might see in front of or on top of an Austin business. I'm guessing they sell hubcaps at Hub Cap Annie. With a wrench that big, they can work on monster trucks at D&B Auto. I can't tell you what a… more »
I mentioned previously that Austin is a lot more liberal than Cary, NC when it comes to signs and other creative advertising for businesses. Former and present Caryites will not soon forget the fight of Gypsy's Shiny Diner to have a diner that was act… more »
... Jingle out of my head! I have to admit it is a very catchy jingle. The first few times I heard it, I couldn't even understand the words but the tune was stuck in my head for days. So I'd hum it and hum it and hum it. Eventually I deciphered som… more »
The same day I took photos of the mockingbird, I videotaped him. I was afraid that he might fly away as I drew closer and closer to him, but nothing phased him. He was a professional performer. And the bigger his viewership, the better. This was h… more »
I'm still advocating for the vulture as new state bird, but this is the current state bird: the mockingbird. These birds have an amazing set of lungs on them. They sing non-stop, rotating through their repertoire of songs, singing as loudly as the… more »
I found out two weekends back that there is such a thing as enjoying the wildflowers too much. I lost track of the time taking photograph after photograph as I discovered flowers I'd never seen before. I was having too much fun. And it had been suc… more »
After a weekend of sleet and freezing temperatures, we weren't sure what we would find: frozen, brownish wildflowers or colorful, flourishing wildflowers? This is what the weather did to the once colorful pansies: But when I arrived at Balcones… more »
We were so excited today to look out the window and find: sleet! Yes, it's spring. Yes, it was 85 degrees (29 Celsius) earlier in the week. Yes, the blue bonnets and Indian blankets and other wildflowers were blooming. And the grass was bright green.… more »
We were spoiled at our apartment in Cary, NC. We could recycle newspaper, glass, cans, plastic, and cardboard. And every time I went for groceries at the Harris Teeter, I could recycle all my plastic shopping bags. It was actually illegal to throw awa… more »
The weather here is drier It makes my throat real sore So we run a humidifier All night and sometimes more And then there are the headaches From not drinking what I need It takes 8 cups of water each day To ensure my nose won't bleed And when… more »
A Wheel of Fortune contestant search will take place in Buda, TX (where we saw the horses) on April 14th and 15th from 12 PM - 4 PM. It could be fun. Ronak is always telling me to go on Wheel of Fortune and win us some money. (He usually says this whe… more »
I've had several people visit the Austin Blues blog wondering where we've viewed bluebonnets. It seems challenging these days not to happen upon a bluebonnet, but here are a few of the places where we have seen bluebonnet patches: Commons Ford Ran… more »
I've complained about the Austin water before. (Water Blues) It's overly chlorinated and full of minerals and hard for me to swallow. I've also complained about the spring water we bought at Randalls that had a foul aftertaste. I've offered a lot of comp… more »
We have just passed the magic mark of living in Austin 3 months. It has not been an easy 3 months, and after a lot of thought, we've decided that the struggle is not worth it. We are tired of allergens, traffic, unsweetened tea, confusing roads, sidew… more »
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In 2007, we moved to Austin, and this blog chronicled our adaptation to Texas life: festivals, wildflowers, and bats - oh my! Then we had a baby, and that changed everything, so now, we blog about where to buy organic food, what parks are fun for babies, which exterminator is taking care of our scorpion problem. (You know, the usual parental concerns.)


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