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I picked up a brochure in the hotel for " The Mustangs of Las Colinas: the world's largest equestrian sculpture." It was right there in Irving, so we checked it out. What makes this the "largest equestrian sculpture"? The horses are one-and-a-half… more »
What happens when old school friends get together? Catching up. Old stories are recounted. Pranks are played. Laughs are shared. more »
Last Saturday, we drove up to the Dallas Area. We were under a severe storm advisory the entire time. Wind gusts were over 30 miles an hour. And we experienced a "dust storm" for the first time. We had lunch at Chaat House in Irving with Ronak's h… more »
I've started putting my movies and clips on You Tube. You can find them on my channel at: I'll continue to announce new movies here, but I'll be linking to YouTube. more »
I got the service road blues They got me quite confused Each road just one way Always in the wrong lane Going round and round Over new parts of town I keep missing my turn Oh, when will I learn? The first lane makes U's The second you choose… more »
Can't make it to today's rally in Austin? Live streaming video is available through KVUE. The picture quality could be better, but at least you can hear everything. Obama Rally Feed more »
We decided to end our adventurous weekend at Chuy's, having real Tex-Mex for the first time. But had we set out for the restaurant early enough to find parking? Were we able to obey the entrance sign? Was the wait too long? Success!… more »
While walking along the path at the top of the cliff (at St. Edwards Park), acrophobic Lisa was very respectful of the drop off to the right. But daring Ronak saw a photo op. Uh-oh! What should I do? He asked me to take his picture, but… more »
Our exciting story continues along the preserve side of Bull Creek at St. Edwards Park. Lisa saw a tree stump leaning out over the water and couldn't pass up the photo op. Ronak chose another adventure: climbing a cliff. Can you believe… more »
With a full tank of gas, we reprogrammed our GPS to take the most direct route to St. Edwards Park. I've read that this park is hidden away and less crowded than some of Austin's other parks. I can vouch that that was definitely the case on our previous… more »
I'm a big fan of weekend adventures, mild adventures anyway. They provide interesting photographs and something to write about. And they distract me from any feelings of blues. Yesterday, we programmed our GPS to take us on an adventurous route to St.… more »
Senator Barack Obama will be speaking here in Austin this coming Friday. Ronak and I are planning to attend. These are the details: Who: Senator Barack Obama, 2008 Presidential Candidate What: Rally with live music from Ed Jurdi & Cyril Nevil… more »


We eat at Curry in Hurry every other weekend. It's so nice to have Indian fast food that tastes like homemade. Last weekend, we actually ran into someone Ronak knew from NC State at the restaurant. That was an added plus - especially since he agreed… more »
I got the wet paint blues Sick of inhaling fumes Week in and week out Painters about My windows are closed And so are the doors To keep out the din Since the day we moved in Ladders banging the walls Wet paint signs in the hall Not one thing al… more »

Madam Mam's

We wound up last Sunday at a Thai restaurant, Madam Mam's. The ceiling of the restaurant was covered with bright, beautiful umbrellas. The atmosphere was colorful and delightful. And the food was tasty with lots of vegetarian options… more »
After our road trip to Buda, we made our way back to Austin for the final day of the Austin Hindu Temple inauguration festivities. We began at the Ganesh Temple where children and adults alike delighted in ringing the bell. The weathe… more »

Buda Horses

Last Sunday, we took a road trip, first to Dripping Springs to pick up horse feed, then to Buda to feed horses. Here is a picture of Ronak and Sheldon (our friend and local guide) with the feed. Ronak didn't get close to the horses - only the f… more »
10. Bojangles french fries and sweet tea 9. Being the only Prius owners for miles 8. Our huge, sunny, wraparound balcony 7. John Clark, morning anchor on ABC 11 news (especially him rolling his eyes over entertainment "news" stories) 6. Clean, pleasa… more »
10. Any residual association with Jesse Helms 9. Traffic on I-40 8. Construction on I-40 and Maynard and Walnut and Tryon and Route 1 and within Crossroads 7. Hurricane preparation, maps, guides, reports - and the hurricanes themselves 6. Pro-Bus… more »


How Am I Doing? That's a loaded question these days. I guess the answer has a lot to do with how I compare to how I think I should be doing. I know that's confusing in a similar way to the chicken and the egg puzzle. Was my discomfort caused by thi… more »


If I believed in signs, I wouldn't be living in Texas. I'd be back in my sunny Cary apartment with the wrap around balcony and amazing views. I'd be healthy and warm and stress-free. But I don't believe and have stubbornly moved to Texas despite every at… more »
More Photos of our visit to the Capitol Building Grounds: And what did the Cherokee Indians get from the exchange? But the rose garden is beautiful even in the middle of winter. And Ronak finally gets to see the Statue of Liberty.… more »
More Pictures Around the Capitol Building Grounds Ronak relaxes against a tree. It's a tempting tree to climb, but there's a sign asking that people fight the urge. They are trying to preserve this old, gnarled tree. Lisa hangs out… more »
No matter what I do, I can't get the images from my mind. The empty eyes of the patrons slumped up against the walls, laden heavily with boxes and over-sized envelopes. The sounds of children's pleas to leave this awful place. "Mommy, when will it be our… more »
More pictures of the grounds at the State Capitol Building: When we zoomed in on this picture, we discovered that the statue of a woman on the roof of the capitol building included a bird. We are still trying to figure out if that's a real bird or… more »
On Sunday, we stopped at the Visitor's Center on 6th Street. There, we picked up walking tour brochures for downtown. Our first walk was around the capitol grounds. Lisa standing in front of the capitol building. Closer view of the Capitol… more »
Walking the maze Searching for the hidden Garden A bench A niche just for me Within the mass Of thorny hedges That surround me I am lost In the immensity I am tired By the search I wonder if a garden exists For me In this place I… more »
After completing the loop at Commons Ford Ranch (which passes a historic cabin, a boat house, a barn, and a ranch house), we found a park sign near the beginning of a trail leading into the canyons. This is where we found our first waterfall, a ti… more »
We flipped through our new book 60 Hikes within 60 Miles: San Antonio & Austin including the Hill Country last Saturday to try to find a sunny, free place to walk/hike. (Although it was a pleasant day, shady areas required wearing a coat, and we want… more »
When you make a major move, you leave the professionals you worked with behind. As I moved around the Triangle area from Durham to Clayton to Raleigh to Cary, then to Raleigh to Cary again, I didn't change dentists. I liked my dentist in Durham, and a… more »
I heard on the news that Austin residents are planning a boycott of Wal-Mart. They are concerned that a superstore at Northcross Mall will create traffic problems and noise in the area. Wal-Mart Opponents Plan Boycott (KVUE news) I am more concerne… more »
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In 2007, we moved to Austin, and this blog chronicled our adaptation to Texas life: festivals, wildflowers, and bats - oh my! Then we had a baby, and that changed everything, so now, we blog about where to buy organic food, what parks are fun for babies, which exterminator is taking care of our scorpion problem. (You know, the usual parental concerns.)


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