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Water Blues

Austin water makes me Dehydrated I wish it were not so Overly chlorinated That water may be really clean But I can't stand that taste of chlorine If someone actually liked that taste, I think They'd put a straw in a swimming pool and drink S… more »
Sometimes it seems as if we never left Cary. We drive down the road and see a Chick-fil-a, a Bed Bath Beyond, a Target, a Borders. The streets seem different, but otherwise we could be in the Crossroads shopping plaza. And that's a comfort. When we we… more »
Technology is amazing. It can transport sounds of home into our living rooms 1300 miles away. Ronak was puzzled the first Sunday that he woke to the voices of Afroz Taj and John Caldwell announcing a popular Bollywood song. I, myself, was confused… more »
There is one word that I swore I would never say as long as I lived in the south and that is "y'all." Back in our western North Carolina college, a bunch of us northerners pledged never to utter it, and I've kept my word - for many years. I've met… more »
Ronak continually reminds me that "Austin doesn't rhyme with Boston." What can I say, I was born a Yankee. And when I say "Austin," it sounds like "Awwwstun," rhyming with my nasal "Bawwwston." Definitely a give-away that I wasn't born here, that I… more »
We're living in a gated apartment complex right now. And I have to admit that I don't really understand them. Apparently the gates are considered a serious safety feature, because we were asked if we lived in a gated community when we signed up for re… more »
On our way home from our perfect sunny day, we saw a group of deer grazing. We pulled over to take their picture. The area they were in was a little wild, but as you can see from this picture, there was a good-sized road just behind them. more »
Ronak and I thought it would be fun to go walking on such a sunny day. On our drive, we saw a sign directing us to Lake Travis, so we thought we'd go there. Our first view of the lake was from 620 near Mansfield Dam. We couldn't believe how large i… more »
If you watch Ellen DeGeneres's talk show, you may have seen the phone call Ellen made recently to an 88 year old woman in Austin named Gladys. The result of the call was so humorous that Ellen decided to call Gladys regularly, and in Gladys' words Ellen… more »
It was cloudy last week and cloudy again this week, but we had one absolutely perfect sunny day, ironically last Sunday. I'm going to post our photos from that day over this week, revisiting the sun online even if it is currently refusing to make a… more »
Today, Brian posted a bunch of his photographs from our moving trip at more »
From Jan- to February The sneezing's kind of scary From the Cedar Fever Blues Just can't stop all these achoos When the sun is glowing Cedar pollen's flowing And when we get the rain Mold allergy's a pain The only time we're free From this s… more »

Orange Glow

I was awakened early this morning by an orange glow on the bedroom wall. It startled me at first. In my groggy state, I wondered what exciting Austin adventure was happening now. Then it came to me: sunshine. I was seeing a glowing band of the sunrise… more »
I know I've complained about the weather a lot in previous days, but being homebound gave Ronak and myself the opportunity to work on two blogs (Austin Blues and The Buzz) and complete a Don't Drink Bees website redesign - which I hope to unveil sometime… more »
We witnessed some very persistent Austenites trying to remove ice from their cars using only what they had on hand and a lot of creativity. These are the top seven ways that people de-ice their cars in Austin: 7. Chip the ice away with the handle o… more »
Here are some photographs from Day 3 of the Storm. There was freezing rain, then sleet, then snow, then freezing rain, then sleet, then more freezing rain. This is the result: One of the trees that broke from… more »
The grocery stores were out of eggplants and potatoes before the storm hit. We had no eggplant on Day 1. We ran out of eggs on Day 2. Today, we ran out of potatoes. Thank God we still have bread and milk! ;-) more »

Stir Crazy

They said that it'd be over But here we go again Everything is closed today They extended the warning Got the stir crazy blues Want to get up out of this place But it's cold outside And the sidewalks and stairs are all glazed With that ice th… more »

Warm and Dry

They said it would be warmer They said that it'd be dry But since we've moved to Austin We think all they did was lie 'Cause it's a rainy place We wonder if we'll see that sun again It's a cold, icy place Look, see, it's freezing rain again T… more »
We were happy to find out today that Whole Foods is Whole Foods no matter where you go. It was a nice to be in a grocery store where everything was familiar. The store and the parking lot were packed, because the weathermen had predicted an ice storm… more »
We're having some trouble with our hot water. Our first morning here, we quickly exhausted the warmer water, and some of us had very cool showers. We thought maybe four consecutive showers might have been too much for the poor, old water heater, so w… more »

Gas Leak

Yesterday there was news of a gas leak that led to a house fire. Interesting news week. Crews Repair Northeast Austin Gas Line (KVUE News) We asked Sheldon if it were always "so interesting" here in Austin. He assured us that gas leaks and bird… more »

Baby Blues

Sweet little girl was born today Makes it harder to be far away Now I've more family separated by miles Homesickness - it's a continuing trial I've got the baby blues I've got the Austin's too far from the new baby blues TGFEA! (Thank god for e… more »

Time Warp

My internal clock's off I just cannot adapt Central Time's confusing I'll give that hour back To lose the central time blues It's 4 o'clock and they show the news My stomach's all confused Should it be time to eat some food? I call my folks t… more »
On one of our drives, we saw a long train. It was stacked two boxes high on some cars. I'd never seen that before. I thought Nathaniel might like to see it too, so I took as many pictures as I could while we drove past the train. more »


We heard that there were malls We tried to track them down But when arriving at the first address Target store was all we found That's not a mall Maybe a plaza with a big, big store No, at a mall The stores should all be indoors Is the weathe… more »

The Birds

Sunday we went exploring. As we drove through downtown Austin, there were birds everywhere. I saw birds sitting on lines, birds flying in groups. I had never seen so many birds in my life. I tried to take photographs of the birds as we neared Lak… more »

Zilker Park

The sun was out today, so we decided to try walking in a park again. Unfortunately, it was cold and windy, so we restricted our walk to areas that weren't shaded. Here are photos from our brief visit to Zilker Park. We definitel… more »
Have you ever been lost and found yourself at a crossroads? You have two choices of which way to turn next, so you choose one and soon find out that you have made the absolute wrong choice. Ronak experienced this the first time he came to Austin for a… more »
We were spoiled in Cary With the latest movies Food, clothes, and CDs Every thing that's Desi We could ever need But we moved far away And we wonder today Will we find what we knew Can we make all the food That caused us salivation Or will we… more »
Our search for an Austin apartment involves a long story about a miserable, rainy, cold, disappointing day that ended at the Marquis at Ladera Vista. While taking a tour of available apartments, we walked through a natural area in the courtyard. Raind… more »
We tried the Long Horn Cheddar Cheese That we bought from HEBs And it was like no cheddar cheese we'd ever seen It melted like mozzarella Stretched unlike normal chedda' And it made us both want to sing or scream "We got the Austin Long Horn Chedda… more »


We've been eating outside For weeks and weeks now Missing old favorites Home prepared chow But first we must buy Ingredients we need That's why we arrived At the local HEB And searched the shelves For familiar brands Forgetting we'd moved To a… more »
I've got the Austin Blues 'Cause the only thing I ever do Is unpack boxes, those cardboard boxes, And choose Where every thing should go So it can be found, you know But things don't fit like before 'Cause the rooms and cupboards and drawers Are… more »
New Year's Day, we woke up in a new apartment in a new town the day before Ronak would start working at his new company. It was an odd feeling. Even though we were exhausted from moving, we had to set the alarm clock, because Dad and Brian had a fligh… more »
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In 2007, we moved to Austin, and this blog chronicled our adaptation to Texas life: festivals, wildflowers, and bats - oh my! Then we had a baby, and that changed everything, so now, we blog about where to buy organic food, what parks are fun for babies, which exterminator is taking care of our scorpion problem. (You know, the usual parental concerns.)


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